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We Provide Expert Advice

To Minimize Biosecurity Risks

Experts in emerging bioscience technologies, BioAssured consults with businesses to assess their safety protocols and offer bespoke solutions that are effective, sustainable, and adaptable to changing circumstances.

BioAssured uses a systemic approach to contamination management, offering multi-faceted, proven solutions for pathogen reduction in all spaces and environments.

Contamination is Constant.

Our Solutions Are Continuous.

Rebuilding a

Public Trust



Building a public trust is now at the forefront of business and government operational agendas.

Standards for hygiene and biosecurity risk management vary across countries and regions, and even within industry sectors.

Experts know that once trust from your employees or public is lost, it’s hard to regain.

A BioAssured Certification means

  1. You are mitigating the proliferation and spread of harmful pathogens with continuous, multi-faceted, real-time solutions, and
  2. You are building employee and consumer confidence with independent verification of pathogen minimising strategies through testing and benchmark analyses.

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Good Company

The BioAssured Team

A Collective of Scientists and Business Consultants

We assembled a world class science board and built a team of experts in biodefense, aviation, business, branding and marketing communications.

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The BioAssured™ Certification

  • See where you rank against your competitors and industry benchmarks for safety
  • Cut down on disruptive cleanings while enjoying effective, continuous protection
  • Custom-designed plans for all spaces and environments
  • Access to the latest, best-in-class technologies that are vetted and independently tested
  • Routine quality assurance testing