Safe Dining Powered by Far-UVC 222 Lighting

Virginia restaurant says it uses UVC lights to help stop COVID, but is it safe and effective?

Mia’s Italian Kitchen has been a popular spot in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia for three years. But like most restaurants, the pandemic has taken a bite out of business. According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 110,000 establishments have closed permanently or long-term during the pandemic.

To combat the economic effects of the pandemic, Scott Shaw from Alexandria Restaurant Partners, which owns Mia’s Italian Kitchen, said they regularly test employees and have installed an air purification system as well as far-UVC lights to meet customer expectations.

“The patron reaction has been great. This is exactly what they are looking for from restaurants. It’s a sign that we are thinking about them.”

— Scott Shaw, Alexandria Restaurant Partners

The lights from the Florida-based company Healthe Inc. use narrow wavelength far-UVC lights to sanitize the air and surfaces in real-time.

“I have been working on this for about 15 years now and it’s been an overnight sensation,” said Fred Maxik, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Healthe. “[The light] actually disrupts the genetic material of the virus leaving it and rendering it so it can no longer replicate.”

Shaw is hoping if the restaurant group follows the science, customers will follow them.

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